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Argentinian Chansons - Songs from Cuchi Leguizamón

Mit Duo Lucia Boffo & Quique Sinesi

Lucia Boffo & Quique Sinesi-
songs from Cuchi Leguizamon

Cuchi Leguizamon is one of the best-known composers of Argentine Folklore music. His music not only has references to the traditions of Argentina but also to Debussy and Bill Evans.

Quique and Lucia have embarked on the journey of reinterpreting the music of this beloved composer, daring to cross the boundaries of form and structure, allowing the language of improvisation to be the starting point for their arrangements and interpretations. Lucia and Quique propose a journey into the Argentinean landscapes, tinged with Jazz textures and colors through their arrangements.

Lucia Boffo & Quique Sines - Zamba del Lozano

About Quique Sinesi:

About Lucia Boffo:

  • Lucia Boffo – Gesang
  • Quique Sinesi – Gitarre