Journey to the Source Jazz Quartet
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Mit Journey to the Source Jazz Quartet

Journey To The Source

We are coming in with our constellation called Journey to the Source (JTTS). This group is a new extension to our musical/performance universe which was founded as "Fuasi and Ensemble" in 1995. We are made up of the same members (since 2005) which include Rolf Zielke on piano, Kenny Martin on drums and Max Hughes on bass. We've added more original compositions from every member of the group and the direction of the music is leaning toward a modern groove format. We still perform favorite straight ahead tunes but the focus so far has been playing groove/funk jazz. Since 1995 we have performed throughout Germany, Polen, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal and France. We have four Cds in our catalog and one to be released soon this year. Our music is influenced by Blues, Hard Bop, Far Eastern, Asien, African and Funk.

  • Fuasi Abdul-Khaliq – Saxo
  • Rolf Zielke – Piano
  • Kenny Martin – Drums
  • Max Hughes – Bass