Dienstag, 11.06.2019, 20 Uhr

Klassik meets Argentinian Music

Mit CheChelos Duo

Chechelos lands for the first time in Germany with their show Instinto on Jun 11 at 8pm in 2019 at Kaffeehaus Mila.
An intimate concert where the duo interprets argentinian folklore through cellos and voice.

The duo, integrated by Ramiro Zárate Gigli and Mauro Sarachian, delivers an innovative approach to Argentinian Folklore with two cellos performing their own songs & lyrics as well as Folklore’s classics with personal arrangements.

Instinto breaks the barrier between performers and their crowd, bonding through humour and thought. Encouraged by an ancestral knowledge that urges them to bring popular culture to the world and share it.

Eintritt 10 €