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Latin Music Meets Pop, Rock & Jazz

Mit Griyo

Griyo's name is a return to his roots, a history where various cultures and ways of life have coexisted, which explains this cocktail of musical styles. Returning to this harmonic jumble, without fear of being boxed into a style, Griyo presents with this project its most genuine and diverse repertoire.

Griyo is accompanied in this adventure by: Björn Bergek - Guitar, Christian Betancourt - Drums & Percussions, Jose Manuel Bendezu - Keyboard and Jonnathan González - Bass.

Since 2007 Griyo has been singer-songwriter, frontman and co-founder of different Latin music groups in Germany such as "Tee con pikete", "Ya Puso La Marrana" and "Aguas Monkey". He has performed on Berlin stages such as the SO36 or the Volksbühne, and has also played at festivals such as "Masala" in Hannover or "Stoffel" in Frankfurt. With these groups Griyo has released 2 studio albums and several singles. His most recent singles will be released at the end of the year and a studio album is in the making and will be released in spring 2023.

Griyo - Ricardo Grijalva