Duo Cristian Asato & Ayelen Pais * Europa Tour 2022
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Tango Argentino vom Feinsten

Mit Duo Cristian Asato & Ayelen Pais * Europa Tour 2022

We are two musicians from Buenos Aires, and we want to share our music with everyone! In a concert, in a milonga or in a class, our wish is always to touch people's hearts. Cristián Asato and Ayelén Pais.

The duo's sonority is nourished by the works of the great Argentine composers, the tango of the 40's, and elements of contemporary music.

In 2019 the "Festival de Tango de Buenos Aires" opens a call for new proposals, and the duo is selected as the best instrumental project. In 2021 the "Instituto Nacional de la Música" awards ASATO-PAIS with the "Argentina Florece" subsidy. In August of this year, the duo will perform at the "Festival de Tarbes", giving a concert at the Théâtre des Nouveautés, kicking off their European Tour 2022.

In addition to giving classes and seminars, since 2020 ASATOPAIS also creates online educational content. Due to the innovative format, "La Academia Nacional del Tango" and the "Museo Carlos Gardel" among others, have enthusiastically praised the project. The videos have already been cited as reference bibliography in academic articles, and are used as study material in universities in Argentina.


Born in 1982 in Buenos Aires, he is currently one of the most renowned pianists of the new generations of tango. He is the musical director of the company "Tango Legends", and at the piano he is a member of Víctor Lavallén septet, legendary bandoneon player of the Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra. In addition to his work as a professional musician, he also works in the multimedia field, bringing the creative use of digital tools to the field of musical education.

He has performed at some of the most important venues in the country, including: The Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, La Ballena Azul del CCK, El Luna Park, and La Usina del Arte.
He has toured in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, performing at venues such as the Parco della Musica in Rome, the Cairo Opera House, and the Christmas Theater in Athens.

In 2011, he took part in a concert to celebrate Nelly Omar's 100th birthday, as a pianist for the company of Juan Carlos Copes. Together with the singer Ariel Ardit´s orchestra, he also accompanied Alberto Podestá, the historic voice of Carlos Di Sarli.

From 2016 to 2020 he taught piano at the "Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce". In 2017 he was part of the teaching staff of the seminar "Tango for musicians".

In addition to participating in a number of productions as a session musician, in 2018 he recorded as a soloist, "Gobbi Inédito", an album that rescues the piano work of the composer Alfredo Gobbi, having great repercussion within the specialised critics.

In 2017, the Ambassador of Japan, Mr. Noriteru Fukushima, awarded him a merit diploma for his outstanding artistic career within the Japanese community in Latin America.


Originally from La Pampa, she has been living in Buenos Aires since 2007. Considered as one of the leading female bandoneon players, she is part of a generation that has managed to gain new professional spaces for women. She is part of "El Querandí" cast, the company "Tango Legends", and performs as a soloist in many events. Further to her artistic activity, she generates pedagogical material on new methods of approaching the learning of the bandoneon.

She has been a member of numerous and diverse groups throughout her career. Under the direction of Raúl Garello, she was part of the "Seleccionado Federal de Tango". Among other shows, she performed with Amelita Baltar in "Glorias argentinas", and in "El patio de la morocha" with Susana Rinaldi.

She was part of the festival's programme for several consecutive years. She was part of the Osvaldo Piro Orchestra for the 2017 opening, and in 2021 she was invited as first bandoneon in Fabián Bertero's orchestra. On this occasion the Academia Nacional del Tango, gives her the honour of playing with the bandoneon of Anibal Troilo.

She has toured in Brazil, Mexico and Europe, and lived for a year in the United States, as part of the "Malbec Tango House" cast in 2013.

She has been part of some of the most renowned milonga orchestras of these times, such as the Romántica Milonguera and the Orquesta Típica Pichuco, among others. She is also involved in the world of dancing, producing audiovisual content together with dancer María Nieves, a living legend of the Buenos Aires dancing world.

Her current bandoneonist style has caught the attention of different genres artists, leading her to perform with celebrities ranging from Lali Espósito, Los Ángeles Azules, Nacha Guevara, and even the concert pianist Horacio Lavandera.