Duo Andrés Marino & Lucía Boffo
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The New Argentinian Chanson

Mit Duo Andrés Marino & Lucía Boffo

Andres Marino & Lucia Boffo duo was formed in early 2014. This project inhabits the songwriting format, however, it is allowed to take the song to less traveled places. They fuse elements of the harmonic conception of jazz, electronic music, poetry and narrative. In addition, adding voice as an instrument. In 2015 they recorded their first digital EP “Cíclico”, which was presented in the city of Buenos Aires, San Luis Tierra del Fuego and Córdoba. In 2017 they recorded and released their first record material in physical LP format, “Diente de León”. This album was released independently in Argentina, and also by the label Imparmaint Records, in JAPAN. In 2019 they made their first European tour, with presentations in Germany. Currently (2020) they are working on new music, exploring elements of electronic music in greater depth. They have shared the stage with: Mono Fontana, Martin Sued, Melina Moguilevsky, Florencia Otero, Tomas Fares, Ser Arrebol, Nadia Larcher, Nadia Szachniuk, Quique Sinesi, among others.