Luciana Jury
calendar-date-2 Samstag, 01.10.2022 clock 19 Uhr event-ticket 15 €

The New South American Folklore

Mit Luciana Jury

Luciana Jury, one of the most attractive voices of contemporary Argentine music, will perform a repertoire that goes through traditional tango Latin-American folk and beyond.

Luciana Jury was born in Buenos Aires. She cultivated through her family the love for Argentine folk music, the music from the roots, growing up in the border where the city ends, and the countryside begins. In that suburban universe, tango, cumbia, rock and folk music coexist. Her musical choices and her style reflect this landscape. She engages Latin-American music, although she’s undoubtedly a versatile artist that dares to add her own signature to any music style, characterized by an intense and profound interpretation.

Luciana interprets folk songs transmitted through oral tradition, as well as songs from renowned composers such Simón Díaz, Violeta Parra, Lhasa de Sela, Raúl Carnota, Gabo Ferro, Atahualpa Yupanqui, etc.

Guitarist and singer Lautaro Matute will accompany Luciana Jury on stage.

Luciana Jury - Gesang
Lautaro Matute - Gitarre